It’s our pleasure to introduce our company as one of the leading and reputed investing companies in Egypt founded in 1973 by Mr. Sherif Tantawy. We have been working for more than 37 years in the logistics field and warehousing services.

Green Line Co. as one of the major investor firms that plays a vital role in the Importing and Exporting area. After the well cooperation with many famous shipping companies and shipping liners, we have played a sound performance in certain routes through our value-added logistics planning and unique rates.

In 1985 Green Line Co. worked as a freight Services Company integrated with warehousing services to provide a full profile of logistics services & solutions to customers. We are making an outstanding achievement in providing competitive rates covering the entire World.

In 1997 through the combination of Green Line’s various coverage of the whole logistics process, Green Line Group established its new branch overseas in Hamburg Germany. To complete the logistics services & organize the international trade between Egypt & Center of Europe.

In 2005 Green Line Group launched their new line of integrated marketing and communication as a result of all the continues hard work and determination, Green Line Group begins their way into advertising business in the aim of providing their customers with the whole package of services because all we care about is our customers satisfaction.


To be a key partner in integrated logistics in Africa and Europe offering our customers a higher quality of services based on the innovation of new logistics solutions, the reduction of the actual costs and the respect of our partners. With these new solutions, we continue to develop our position as a global market leader in transport and logistics.


To provide a first class service to our clients, in other words, we are a quality oriented company. A unique combination of experience and professionalism enables us to ensure complete customers satisfaction. Green Line Group has been developed to provide direct service coverage for all over Egypt and major country all over the world, we offer nationwide agency using our own experienced based staff to ensuring a high standard of services.


We are dedicated to continual innovation using new technologies, increasing productivity, improving value and reducing costs.

We believe customers are the heart of everything we do and we earn their partnership through consistent excellence.

We strive for flawless order fulfillment.

We approach each situation with a “do it now” and “get it done” attitude understanding that speed is a competitive advantage.

We recognize our employees as our most important asset and that investing in them pays dividends for the business.

We are committed to minimizing waste throughout the entire supply chain process.