About us

We specialize in fresh produce grown in Egypt for export markets & meeting EU standards of produce quality and health.

Our operation is based on pack-to-order principle, thus your order will be harvested and packed for you and delivered to your doorstep.

Our partners are known brand names in the agriculture and export of fresh produce from Egypt, experts in growing & packing fresh produce for international markets as well as hotels & restaurants in Egypt. They guarantee for us the delivery of your produce picked and packed for you.

          Our Team

Green Line widely recognized as the market leader in warehousing and distribution, offering integrated, cost-efficient, and sector-focused solutions for large and medium companies in Egypt. Providing all temperature storage options, open yard storage and in-depth knowledge of customer’s supply chain requirements; therefore, we can improve the company’s competitive edge in an increasingly complex market environment, with a flexible design that can accommodate their goods.

The power of us is in our people. From seed to harvest, our talented and dedicated team is passionate about producing clean, great-tasting food to better our community and environment. Together, our diverse backgrounds, unique skill-sets and areas of expertise shape the values we’ve built upon and continue to grow at our farms. We are committed to innovation and sustainability and a healthy and strong food system in Egypt and beyond.